Lavendershire Farm is a family-owned farm in northwestern Jackson County, Michigan.  It is home to approximately 200 lavender plants and Scents & Scentability, a small business specializing in hand-crafted herbal body care, toiletry and household products. At Lavendershire Farm, we grow English and French Lavender, as well as many other herbs and flowers, including antique roses.  As much as possible, we use our own flowers in our products.  Whether harvesting lavender flowers or crafting natural creams and oils, we appreciate the gifts nature provides.  That reverence is reflected in our products.  Here you will find exceptional quality, 100% pure essential oils, natural beeswax, and pure carrier oils in a final product containing minimal, if any, preservatives.  Many of our products are created from "receipts" which date back hundreds of years to a simpler, less stressful time when mankind appreciated and valued the plant kingdom and its many gifts.  Today, when technology has complicated our lives and synthetic chemical compounds compromise our bodies, it is refreshing to return to the simple, natural things. . . Enjoy a walk through the garden with Lavendershire Farm and Scents & Scentability.  

"Making Scents of History."

Member Michigan Herb Associates


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